A Painter's Life

Painter's Tips, Volume 2

Painter's Tips, Volume 2

The journey a painter takes is never static.  The determination to create in paint a compelling work of art leads an artist to realize there will always be something to learn.  The effort put forth is constantly being tempered, added to, enhanced, in so many ways, both consciously and not, such that I have come to see painting best viewed as a life long learning process. 
"At Reid", Michael Ranucci

Painter's Tips, Volume 1

While painting on the coast one day, an on-looker asked how long it took me to paint the picture – which was now almost complete at roughly 1 pm.   “Well”, said I, “I started this morning at around 10”.  “Wow” said the on-looker.  “Well”, said I again; “but it takes
A Painter's Imagination

A Painter's Imagination

For every artist, there is a line where they allow imagination and invention to take over. This either occurs voluntarily or not; planned or not.  Nature, it is said has within it all the lessons an artist needs – but I think that only applies if the definition of nature is expanded to include the artists own imagination. 
A Painter's Summer

A Painter's Summer

A painter experiences summer like a surfer on a wave – propelled forward by sheer nature, and allowing her force to uplift and inspire in ways that moves an artist forward.
A marsh in Maine on a foggy day


Maine is for artists. There may be no other location that is as inspiring. There is the rocky coast, crashing waves, and pine trees reaching to the water's edge. There are the southern coastal beaches. To the east, the land becomes more rugged. A short drive west you’ll find hills, mountains, gorges, waterfalls, and countless lakes and ponds. And don't forget the islands.
A still life of a work bench with American flag

Genres, Inspiration at the Art Market

For representational painters, the three primary genres are Landscape, Still life, and Portraiture. These can be further modified to include figurative, interiors, and myriad other blends.

In my observations, it seems most artists stick to one or two genres as their specialty. The most successful gallery painters appear to have found a following based on the one genre they are most well known for.

A plein air painter at her easel in Maine

Plein Air Painting

My own experience finds the act of plein air paintings as rich, and as fulfilling a painter can have. For understanding nature facts such as perspective, light and dark, tree structure, atmosphere, color, and more; there is no better way than plein air painting. 
Silhouette of a plein aire painter at his easel

A Painter's Life

How many painters find themselves yearning to paint more, but life has a way of intervening? Welcome to the push and pull of the painters' world. Although this may apply mostly to those painters who work a job unassociated with painting, it is nevertheless very common among we artists. Take heart.
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