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A Painter’s Life

How many painters find themselves yearning to paint more, but life has a way of intervening? Welcome to the push and pull of the painters’ world.

Although this may apply mostly to those painters who work a job unassociated with painting, it is nevertheless very common among we artists.

Take heart. You may be working a day job, you may be driving down the road, shopping, running, or walking. During all that time, you’re taking life in. You are in essence filling yourself with life. And I would say you are painting all the time. You may not have a brush in hand, but all that living, observing, and taking it all in is building up a storehouse of information – facts and emotion, to draw from for the times you are in front of the easel.

Whether it be a conscious observation of a tree branch or subconscious memory of a smile, it all goes in. Stored. Just under the surface, ready to be called upon when needed and applied in dabs of color when the time is right.

I’d suggest if you ever feel a regret for not being able to paint more, view all your experience as part of that practice. As a painter-artist, there is no other way.

You are always painting.

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