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Finally!  A brush washer designed specifically for the efficient and

thorough cleaning of artist’s brushes! 

No Risk! Full refund if not 100% Satisfied!

Brush Butler *Patent Pending.

NO RISK money back Guarantee!

We are excited to bring you the first brush washer ever developed that’s designed specifically for the efficient and thorough cleaning of artists brushes!  FINALLY!

The Brush Butler is created by an artist, and it’s a quantum leap forward in artists brush cleaning.  Designed from the ground up with artists in mind, it cleans brushes more completely and easier than any other brush washer available.

It has a lid that doubles as a bowl!

It’s portable.

It’s exceedingly easy to clean out paint sediment when it builds up.

You can clean multiple brushes and still have access to clear solution!  Most users will never clean a brush in a sink again.

If you have been avoiding using oil paints because you didn’t want to deal with cleaning your brushes risking exposing your skin to solvents and paint, you’ll want to take a look at Brush Butler.

If you are an artist who dreads cleaning brushes at the end of a painting session – or dreads cleaning settled paint sediment in the device itself, you’ll want to take a look at Brush Butler.

Use Brush Butler to easily clean oil painting brushes when used with Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) or other cleaning solutions. Use with water to clean Acrylic and Watercolor brushes.

Cleaning solution is completely reusable in Brush Butler.

Easily clean settled paint sediment when needed!  And with no mess!

How does Brush Butler work?
Let’s use oil painting as an example. (oil paint – no problem!!)

You finish your painting session, and let’s say you have 6 brushes of varied sizes to clean – including all your favorites from a detail brush  up to the ¾” wide bristle brush you like to use on the background *.  The Brush Butler has 8 sections all isolated from each other. As you clean your brush in one section, dissolved paint that comes out of the brush during cleaning is limited from passing into other sections. You’re able to rinse your brush in clean solution even after you cleaned your 6th brush! If you haven’t seen our video demo yet, please click here.

If you’re using OMS as your cleaning solution, one final rinse in a small amount of baby oil, or a half / half mixture of Murphy’s Oil Soap and water will finish. Your brush will be clean and soft, and much better for use the next time you paint! No need to use a sink!!

After cleaning your brushes there will be sections cloudy with dissolved paint that came out of the brush during cleaning. After a matter of hours, all that cloudiness will settle to the bottom which clarifies the solution in the area where cleaning occurs. In other words, the solution in your device will self clarify in a matter of hours!

Important Tip:  Best success in cleaning brushes will always occur when the paint in the brush is still wet.  Dry, or semi dry paint may be cleanable using methods not described above.  It’s always recommended to clean your brush soon after a painting session and while the paint in the brush is still wet.  An information sheet provided with Brush Butler gives suggestions on how you may be able to clean dry or semi-dry paint out of a brush.

* The Brush Butler is designed to clean a mix of different size and shaped bushes up to 3/4″ wide.  Several brushes can be cleaned following a painting session.

** We think the Brush Butler is the most advanced tool to clean your brushes available.  If you are not 100% satisfied, we have a full refund policy if returned within 30 days.   (We don’t think you’ll be returning it!).

What about cleaning the Brush Butler?
Glad you asked!!

This is one of the most exciting features of Brush Butler. After you’ve cleaned many brushes over a period of days or weeks, the paint that comes out of the brush and settles to the bottom begins to build up. It will get to a point when you’ll need to clean it out. NO PROBLEM!! Simply remove the interior section that sits in the base, place the cover upside down (did you notice the cover upside down is a bowl!!

We designed it that way for you for this purpose!!, now pour the OMS from the base into the cover bowl. The settled paint in the base stays put in the base – stuck nicely to the bottom, while all that clear OMS is in the cover. Now all you need do is wipe the settled paint out of the base with a rag or paper towel. The base is smooth and rounded with no obstructions (again – we designed it that way for you for ease of cleaning!). Pour the clear OMS back into the base and place the interior back – DONE!!! Ready to clean more brushes. If you do this carefully you won’t get a drop on your hands!!

Did I mention the video demo? Click here.

Summary of Features
Ok, here are the highlights. As mentioned earlier, the Brush Butler is Patent Pending and designed by an artist. The features packed into the Brush Butler can only be known to someone who is intimately familiar with cleaning artist brushes. Take a look at these highlights:

  1. Brush Butler dimensions are designed to strike a balance for use in studio or in the field (a little less than 6” across). Or when you need take it with you to a workshop.   (designed to clean a mix of brushes up to 3/4″ width maximum).
  2. Device is designed to be securely closed with an airtight seal
  3. Latches used to attach cover easy to use. No threaded cover that may “glue” itself to the base over time
  4. Made of rugged material to last
  5. Feet strong and “rubbery” for non-slip
  6. Cover shaped as a bowl for use as a container to hold solution when cleaning the device. No need to buy another container! (or you can be sneaky if you need another bowl in your studio – there it is!).
  7. Interior insert creates several cleaning bays in base isolating clean unused solution from cloudy solution. The sections are a barrier limiting dissolved paint leaking from one section to another.
  8. Interior insert is removable from base to make cleaning settled paint very easy!
  9. Textured area to really get your brushes cleaned! Note all textures and edges gently rounded to go easy on your expensive brushes!
  10. Textured area is tilted down at an angle to help dissolved paint drain down to below cleaning area
  11. Finger grip above texture area for handling without putting fingers in cleaning solution.
  12. Base is nicely rounded, smooth, and with no obstructions. This is where settled paint will collect. Guess how easy it is to clean? Just wipe and your done!
  13. Comfortable carrying handle

Easy to look at isn’t it?                                     

If you paint pictures, you need Brush Butler!

*Baby oil will clean artists’ brushes of oil paint. Since this is a thicker viscosity than OMS, removed paint in baby oil takes longer to settle to bottom of device. This may reduce the number of brushes an artist can thoroughly clean at one session when compared to using OMS.

Using OMS in Brush Butler is most practical for majority of artists when cleaning oil paint. When brush is first cleaned in OMS within the device, dry brush with rag then rinse in a small amount of pure baby oil, or Murphy Soap with water (1/2 each). This replaces the OMS and conditions the brush. That’s it! Brush will be clean and soft for the next painting session.

We’re proud the Brush Butler is being Made in the USA!

NO RISK.  if not 100% satisfied, return within 30 days for a full refund.



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