Meet Brush Butler

A. The base is completely rounded to make cleaning settled paint sediment simple.

B. The Insert provides textured surfaces for brush cleaning and features eight bays keeping dissolved paint away from clean solution. It’s ideal for cleaning multiple brushes.

C. The cover is also rounded. When placed upside down, it becomes a bowl! To clean the base just pour the settled solution into the cover while you wipe out the bowl.


Brush Butler® is perfect for Plein Air painters — no sink required!

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Why Brush Butler?

Brush Butler® allows painters to extend the useful life of their brushes and reuse cleaning solution, saving money. Brush Butler® can be used with non-petroleum based solutions such as baby oil, Bristle Magic, and others – ideal for artists’ sensitive to OMS or turpentine. Use tap water for acrylic or watercolors. Engineered by a painter for painters it’s simply a better way to clean your brushes!

• You paint better when your brushes are in better condition
• Clean multiple brushes and still have access to clear solution
• No more toxins down the drain
• Easily clean settled paint sediment when needed
• Designed for use in studio or in the field
• Brush Butler securely closes with an airtight seal so it's ideal for transport
• Latches are easy to use; no threaded cover that may “glue” itself to the base over time
• Made of rugged material to last
• Non-slip, strong rubbery feet
• Interior insert creates sections in base isolating clean unused solution from used solution
• Interior insert is removable from base to make cleaning settled paint very easy
• Textured area is tilted down at an angle to help dissolved paint drain down to below cleaning area
• Finger grip above texture area for handling without putting fingers in cleaning solution.

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